Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

Advantages of Investing in Real EstateOnly 5% of North Americans are financially independent when they reach retirement age. The other 95% are dependent on friends or families to make ends meet. If you are depending on Social Security to maintain your lifestyle later in life you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

How do you get yourself into the 5% financially independent category? Investing in real estate is a key part of the answer. Below are the top five reasons to invest in real estate:
  1. Appreciation Real estate values steadily increase over the long term. While real estate has its ups and downs like any other investment, over the long term real estate has proven to be a very stable investment.
  2. Leverage Using borrowed funds to finance the purchase of an asset allows you to leverage your investment dollar to purchase a larger value asset. In turn, the full value of the asset is appreciating for you, not just your original investment. Leveraged real estate investing is the greatest creator of wealth in the United States.
  3. Tax Savings Owning investment property may enable you to qualify for substantial tax write-offs. The most common write-off is depreciation which can be used to offset cash flow gains and, under certain circumstances, even apply as a deduction to your ordinary income.
  4. Freedom Although some management and record-keeping are required, your time commitment can be minimal compared to that required by most other businesses. If you start a software company, consulting firm, coffee shop, or bakery, your time requirements are often much more significant. Real Estate investing is one of the few areas in which you can generate a tremendous return with a minimal investment in time.
  5. Pride of Ownership Unlike owning a stock, real estate is a physical asset with real, tangible value. With Real Estate you can physically visit your property and take pride knowing that it is yours.
Real Estate investing is extremely powerful. As with any investment activity you should work with someone that can successfully guide you in the process. Empire Property Solutions/Atova services are 100% free to buyers and investors. Our compensation is paid at closing as defined in Multiple Listing Service. We stand ready to help you identify QUALITY investment candidates at DISCOUNTED prices.

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