Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Home for SaleTwenty five steps to impressing prospective buyers

  1. Throw away or recycle stacks of newspapers and magazines.
  2. Pack away most of your small decorative items.
  3. Store out-of-season clothing to make closets seem roomier.
  4. Clean the garage. Consider relocating large items and boxes to a rented storage space.
  5. Remove personal photos. This will help buyers envision the home as theirs.
  6. Clear countertops. Place bulks such as the toaster over underneath the counters.
  7. Wash windows and screens.
  8. Clean light switches and switch-plates.
  9. Clean heating and air conditioning vents.
  10. Remove all items from the exterior of the refrigerator doors.
  11. Have the carpets cleaned.
  12. Mop and wax the floors.
  13. Clean the stove and oven.
  14. Replace all burned out light bulbs.
  15. Replace bulbs in key areas with higher wattage bulbs to make rooms seem brighter.
  16. Keep window shades and blinds open.
  17. Replace heavy curtains with sheer curtains that let in more light.
  18. Make minor repairs as needed. Sticky doors, torn screens, cracked caulking, etc.
  19. Trim overgrown landscaping. Edge borders. Rake leaves. Manicure the lawn. Pull weeds.
  20. Plant colorful flowers. Place flower pots at the sides of the garage and on the front porch.
  21. Clean the front porch. Remove cobwebs and debris. Polish the front doorknob.
  22. Clean bathrooms and place all personal care items out of sight. Keep toilets closed.
  23. Make the beds and keep bedrooms clean and tidy.
  24. Perform general maintenance on the roof. Replace shingles, repair flashing, secure gutters, etc.
  25. When showing the home have all but the showing family member vacate the property.
One additional note:  Take a deep breath, how does your home smell?  Dusty, musty, perfume filled or fresh and clean.  If the location of an odor can’t be located, it may be the duct work is harboring dust and dirt.  This is a relatively inexpensive process to have cleaned and can make a world of difference in your homes odor presentation to buyers. 

Consider looking at other homes for sale and follow their lead.

Need more help preparing your home for sale?  Call me anytime, I'm happy to help!
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