Do It Yourself Repairs

DIY Maintenance Try these remedies prior to making a maintenance request.  If the DYI remedies are not done you will be charged for the repair.

What to do if I smell gas in the house?  Open the windows and leave the house then call 911 and or the Gas Company and management immediately.

Smoke Detector beeps all the time:  Replace the batteries.  Batteries should be changed every 6 months.  Press and hold the test button checking the function of the smoke detector every month. If a smoke detector is near a bathroom sometimes moisture will set the smoke detector off.  Be sure to use the bathroom fan to eliminate this issue.

Leaking Dishwasher: Shut off the dishwasher and check for any clogged drains.

Garbage Disposal hums:
The disposal is clogged.  Press several times the reset button found on the side of the garbage disposal until the garbage disposal begins to operate. DO NOT put your hand inside of the garbage disposal!

Walls are changing colors in the bathroom: Moisture, moisture, moisture. Run the bathroom fan with every shower or bath. If the walls have dark marks spray with straight Clorox and let dry.

Toilet won' flush: Something is stuck inside the drain. Plunge the toilet until the clog is cleared. If the clog will not clear file a maintenance request or call management for repair.

No Power to part or all of my home: Most likely a circuit breaker has tripped. Open the circuit breaker box located in the garage or somewhere inside the home. Reset each breaker by turning each one off then on. If there is still no power reset the main power breaker located on the outside of the home. Turning it off then on. If this doesn't correct the problem and your neighbors have power contact management for repair. Do not stand in water or have wet hands when attempting this reset!

Half of the kitchen or bath wall plugs aren't working: Check the wall plugs for a reset button. Pushing in the button will cause a reset and plugs and lights should function.

No Hot Water: Check the breaker box to reset the breaker.

No Heat: Check the breaker box to reset the breaker. Check the furnace filter, if it is dirty replace it with the exact size and type of filter.

No Air Conditioning: Check the breaker box to reset the breaker. Check the furnace filter if it's dirty it needs to be replaced. Check the thermostat setting. If set too low, the system may freeze up causing it to stop working for a time. Check the batteries in the thermostat and reset the temperature. Check the outside unit to see if the fan blades are moving and not simply frozen up for a time.

Wrong Soap in the Dishwasher: Scoop out as much water as you can from inside the dishwasher then add a cup or two of white vinegar and run the dishwasher for a few minutes. Scoop out more water.  Repeat until the suds are gone. Also, remember to clean out the soap dispenser by hand.  Be sure the floor is wiped dry so as not have any water damage.

Refrigerator is not cooling: Check the temperature setting. Make sure the coils are clean which are typically located either underneath or on the back of the refrigerator. If all checks out file a maintenance request.

Freezer is not freezing: Has the door been open? Even just a small opening will allow the thawing process to begin. Check the refrigerator is leaning back enough to allow the door to close on its own. If not, make the adjustments on the front legs of the appliance.

Dryer won't dry: Clean the lint filter and lessen the amount of clothing in the load. If all checks out file a maintenance request.

How to turn off the main water supply: Typically in the front yard there will be a large great lid marked as water. Open the lid turning the handle to the off position. If you are unable to locate the water lid in the yard contact management for assistance

If you have attempted to DIY and are still unsuccessful call to schedule an appointment for maintenance and repair.
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